ATABA: Syrian Tintinnabuli 2018


The album/Project “Syrian Tintinnabuli” is a collaboration between Ali Asaad and the composer and violinist Hassan Ali, who is based in France.

It is a compilation of the composers’ compositions, for string quintet, solo violin, classical guitar and chant.

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The album’s entire concept came after studying and analyzing the Syrian folk Music and songs for more than 2 years, this music has never been studied in this way. We found as Syrian musicologists that we are responsible to face this “mission”, hence, the concept was to use these results of analysis as basic musical material for compositions in the form and techniques of chamber European classical music, but at the same time preserving the authenticity of the main element s of the Syrian folk and traditional music, harmonically and rhythmically, which actually formulate the identity of this music that emerges clearly in the musical texture and in the interactional effect of the entire sound’s concept. This identity is a basic brick forming the whole musical result.

Some of the compositions are totally original composed by Ali Asaad simulating elements of Syrian/Arabic original music, and selecting parts of Syrian contemporary poetry.

So the project has two basic goals:

The first one was analyzing and categorizing/archiving Syrian folk music genres, as a start for more effort in this direction.

Second one is using brand new valuable musical materials (motifs, scales and rhythms) for us as contemporary composers, which are never discovered or used, and presenting them in Europe for the general musical scene of Contemporary Classical Music and World Music.

The participating musicians:

Chant, Guitar & Composition: Ali Asaad
Solo Violin & Composition: Hassan Ali
First Violin: Isabella Sedlaczek
Second Violin: Flavia Martins
Viola: Parastou Moblifard
Cello: András Gyenge
Contrabass: Eduard Luis
Percussion: Luis Oliveira

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